National Trauma Transformation Programme: Trauma-Informed Maternity Services Pathfinders - Learning Report

Commissioned as part of the National Trauma Transformation Programme (NTTP), this report presents the findings from two trauma-informed maternity services pathfinder projects.

5. Conclusion

Nationally reported NHS workforce pressures, recruitment and retention of staff, and their impact on both the organisation and workforce wellbeing was evident within both maternity pathfinders, directing an initial focus of pathfinder support to be targeted towards the 'Workforce wellbeing' driver with associated support activities. This provided a platform that initiated conversation, considered early change ideas embracing TI principles, while developing more accessible and effective workforce wellbeing initiatives.

Development of an implementation steering group, with representation across services and departments recognised to support families across their pregnancy, who will lead project planning, implementation and evaluation, is essential in supporting an enhanced and consistent multi-agency TIP and culture.

Existing NTTP e-learning modules and implementation supporting resources were transferrable to the maternity setting, supporting the pathfinders to develop a Maternity and Neonatal Trauma Skilled Training Programme and helped inform improvement planning. Embedding reflective practice and coaching sessions have provided the opportunity to consider, plan and implement new learning into practice, with evidence of early activity occurring.

Activities that are inclusive of those with LLET are essential in informing implementation planning with feedback loops. Pathfinder familiarisation activity identified many existing processes, from services within and who work alongside maternity services, that provide reflection on experience from families accessing the service that required connection to better inform changes required in the service.

It is recognised that due to the ongoing development of NTTP Roadmap there will be a need to update learning and align it with updated/additional drivers. The maternity pathfinders will be encouraged to assess their progress against the Roadmap when launched. Future focus will include a deeper understanding in relation to leadership, culture, powersharing with those with LLET and routine enquiry of trauma.



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