National events strategy review: business and regulatory impact assessment - partial

Partial business and regulatory impact assessment (BRIA) for the consultation to help shape the review of Scotland's national events strategy.

12. Enforcement, sanctions and monitoring

The National Events Strategy 2025-2035 is advisory and will not be enforced by Government or result in any sanctions.

The National Events Strategy 2025-2035 will be subject to monitoring and evaluation and also continuous development to harness new and emerging opportunities over the life-time of the strategy. It is anticipated that this will be led by Scotland’s events sector and supported by the Scottish Government, EventScotland and other partners, where appropriate.

The strategy review and update process is already considering measurability and sharing of good practice as a central theme. A key area of discussion is building a strong narrative across the range of interests and outcomes to better evidence and demonstrate the benefits and impacts of events to Scotland and across key policy areas. Learning how to better measure not only economic and tourism impacts, but also community, cultural impacts, child poverty and net zero aspects is also a central consideration.

This work will be critical to ensuring that the sector is able to measure and monitor relevant impacts accurately and consistently throughout the term of the strategy.

The four Themed Groups set out earlier in this Business Regulatory Impact Assessment have considered these issues further. They suggested that there were a number of areas where better measurement and tools could support continuous improvement. This in turn could help highlight where events deliver on wider outcomes for Scotland. Building on this the public consultation exercise will include two specific questions around measurement.

Pending the conclusions of the public consultation, we will engage further with partners, including the events industry. This engagement will explore options for the monitoring and evaluation of the National Events Strategy 2025-2035. A further update will be provided in the final Business Regulatory Impact Assessment for the national events strategy review. This will be published alongside the 2025-2035 Strategy later in 2023.



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