National action plan to tackle child sexual exploitation: final report

Sets out the range of achievements and activity delivered since 2016 to prevent and tackle child sexual exploitation.


1. Child Protection Improvement Programme:

2. National Child Protection Leadership Group:

3. Child sexual exploitation: definition and summary:

4. Child Protection Committees Scotland:

5. Core Component Checklist:

6. Care Inspectorate A quality framework for children and young people in need of care and protection, August 2019

7. CSE Self-completion survey questions:

8. 2019 Survey findings of Child Protection Committees' Processes and Practices in Relation to Child Sexual Exploitation:

9. Scottish Government publication: The impact of children and young people's participation on policy making:

10. Progressing the human rights of children in Scotland: 2018-2021 action plan:

11. Scotland's Open Government Action Plan: 2018-2020:

12. Children and young people's voices matter: progress report 2018:

13. Progressing the human rights of children in Scotland action plan 2018-2021: progress report 2019:

14. Scotland's Year of Young People (YoYP):

15. Everyday Heroes Project:

16. Mentors in Violence Prevention (MVP):

17. National Sexual Violence Prevention Programme:

18. 2015 Sexual Violence Prevention Project Evaluation:

19. Equally Safe in Higher Education (ESHE) Toolkit:

20. Emily Test campaign:

21. Guidance for higher education institutions: how to handle alleged student misconduct:

22. Action for Children Serious Organised Crime Early Intervention Service:

23. Education Scotland National Improvement Hub CSE resource:

24. National Centre for Social Research:

25. Relationships, Sexual Health and Parenthood (RSHP) education online resource:

26. NSPCC Speak Out Stay Safe schools programme:

27. Child sexual exploitation: definition and summary:

28. Child sexual exploitation: definition and practitioner briefing paper:

29. CELCIS CSE portal:

30. Centre of expertise on child sexual abuse:

31. Centre of expertise on child sexual abuse resources:

32. centre of expertise on child sexual abuse seven principles:

33. 2017 Evaluation report of National Child Sexual Exploitation Workshops:

34. 2019 Evaluation report of National Child Sexual Exploitation and Child Trafficking Workshops:

35. Care Inspectorate A guide to self-evaluation for community justice in Scotland:

36. Tackling prejudice and building connected communities:

37. A fairer Scotland for all: race equality action plan and highlight report 2017-2021:

38. Race equality framework for Scotland 2016 to 2030:

39. New Scots: refugee integration strategy 2018 to 2022:

40. A Connected Scotland: tackling social isolation and loneliness and building stronger communities:

41. Barnardo's Scotland RISE (Reducing the Impact of Sexual Exploitation) service:

42. Implementation evaluation of Reducing the Impact of Sexual Exploitation (RISE) Project:

43. Centre of expertise on child sexual abuse Exploratory study use of tools and checklists to assess risk of child sexual exploitation:

44. Office for National Statistics compendium of data sources of child sexual abuse in England and Wales:

45. Centre of Expertise on child sexual abuse analysis of ONS data compendium:

46. Centre of Expertise on child sexual abuse Data Improvement Tool and Guidance:

47. Child sexual exploitation: a guide for health practitioners:

48. Barnardo's Scotland Nightwatch CSE materials:

49. CSEthesigns marketing campaign evaluation:

50. Barnardo's Scotland report: Public Understanding of Child Sexual Exploitation:

51. Stop It Now! Scotland Upstream project and resource:

52. Sportscotland Standards for child wellbeing and protection in sport:

53. Recommendations Of Independent Review Into Sexual Abuse In Scottish Football:

54. National Missing Persons Framework for Scotland:

55. Missing Persons Framework: update report 2018:

56. Runaway helpline and resources:

57. Care Inspectorate 2018 report Preventing and responding to child sexual exploitation: evidence from inspections of care services for children and young people:

58. Standard for Foster Care 2017:

59. Care Review reports:

60. The Skills to Foster pre-approval training:

61. The keys to life Strategy:

62. The keys to life Implementation Framework 2019 - 2021:

63. Common Knowledge UK app:

64. Autism Toolbox:

65. Guidance for supporting disabled children, young people and their families:

66. NSPCC research: Parents' and carers' views on how we can work together to prevent the sexual abuse of disabled children:

67. Internet Matters, Vulnerable Children in a Digital World:

68. Scotland's National Action Plan on Internet Safety for Children and Young People:

69. A Fairer Scotland for Disabled People delivery plan:

70. NSPCC The right to recover:

71. Healthcare Improvement Scotland Standards for Healthcare and Forensic Medical services for people who have experienced sexual assault, rape and sexual abuse:

72. Children and Young People's Mental Health Taskforce:

73. NHS Education for Scotland National Trauma Training Framework:

74. NHS Education for Scotland Scottish Psychological Trauma Training Plan:

75. Care Inspectorate Joint inspections of services for children and young people 2014-2016:

76. Scotland's Human trafficking and exploitation strategy:

77. Human Trafficking and Exploitation Strategy: first annual progress report:

78. 2019 Trafficking and exploitation strategy: second annual progress report:

79. 2020 Trafficking and exploitation strategy: third annual progress report:

80. Consultation on Independent Child Trafficking Guardians:

81. Human Trafficking and Exploitation (Scotland) Act 2015 section 38: consultation analysis:

82. National Action Plan on Internet Safety for Children and Young People:

83. Cyber resilience: learning and skills action plan 2018-2020:

84. Realising Scotland's full potential in a digital world: a digital strategy for Scotland:

85. UK Council for Internet Safety:

86. Online Harms White Paper:

87. Internet Watch Foundation 2018 Annual Report:

88. University of Edinburgh Deterrents to Viewing Indecent Images of Children Online: A Protocol for a Meta-Narrative Review:

89. Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service Joint Investigative Interviews Workstream Report:

90. Guidance on Joint Investigative Interviewing of Child Witnesses in Scotland:

91. Stop to Listen Pathfinder Project:

92. Stop to Listen Pathfinder Project evaluation 2018:


94. Barnahus approach:

95. Barnahus standards:

96. University of the West of Scotland literature review: Policing child abuse: challenges and opportunities for specialist units:

97. Harmful sexual behaviour by children and young people: Expert Group report:

98. Equally Safe: Scotland's strategy for preventing and eradicating violence against women and girls:

99. Equally safe: delivery plan:

100. Equally Safe- Scotland's Strategy for Preventing and Eradicating Violence Against Women and Girls:

101. Rape Crisis Scotland Equally Safe at School - A Whole School Approach to Preventing Gender Based Violence:

102. Equally Safe in Colleges and Universities Working Group:

103. Equally Safe in Higher Education Toolkit:

104. Key Messages for Preventing Gender-based Violence: A Resource for Scottish Colleges, Universities and their Partners:



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