Equally Safe in Colleges and Universities Working Group


The Working Group's aims are to:

  • support the adaptation of the Equally Safe in Higher Education Toolkit for use by colleges and support the roll out of the Toolkit across both colleges and universities
  • identify and work on, as appropriate, issues and responses that may need further refinement
  • devise and plan ways to utilise the next Fresher's Weeks and parallel college arrangements, to raise awareness and provide information

Before October 2018 this working group was called 'Equally Safe in Further and Higher Education'.

Find out more about the Equally Safe Strategy.

This Working Group has two sub-groups:


  • Mr Richard Lochhead, Minister for Further Education, Higher Education and Science
  • Mrs Fiona Drouet, Emily Test
  • Gareth Allen, Strategic Lead Higher Education Funding, Governance, and Student Support, Scottish Government
  • Steven Paxton, Policy Officer, Directorate of Advanced Learning and Science, Scottish Government (secretariat)
  • Natalie Wilson, Policy Officer, College Team, Scottish Government
  • Neil Rennick, Director of Justice, Scottish Government
  • Kate Anderson, Senior Policy Officer, Violence Against Women, Scottish Government
  • Anni Donaldson, Knowledge Exchange Fellow and Equally Safe in Higher Education Lead, Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Strathclyde
  • Dr Melanie McCarry, University of Strathclyde
  • Kelly Claffy, Equally Safe Higher Education Team, University of Strathclyde
  • Dr Anke Kossurock, Researcher, Humanities and Social Sciences,  University of Strathclyde
  • Suzanne Marshall, College Development Network
  • Sandy MacLean, College Development Network
  • Susannah Lane, Head of Public Affairs, Universities Scotland
  • Kathryn Dawson, Rape Crisis Scotland
  • Lauren O’Rourke, Rape Crisis Scotland
  • Isabelle Kerr, Glasgow and Clyde Rape Crisis Centre Rape Crisis Centre
  • Fiona McMullen, ASSIST, Glasgow
  • Susie Dalton, Scottish Women's Aid
  • Linda Somerville, NUS Scotland 
  • Detective Inspector Julie Marshall, Police Scotland
  • Detective Superintendent Stuart Houston, Police Scotland
  • Scott Anderson, HM Inspector, Education Scotland
  • Fiona Burns, Scottish Funding Council
  • Rachel Adamson, Scottish Funding Council
  • Jill Stevenson, AMOSSHE (Association of Managers of Student Services in Higher Education)
  • Pam Currie, Educational Institute of Scotland
  • Emma Phillips, UNISON
  • Kay Steven, Advance HE
  • Dr Davena Rankin, UNISON
  • Cara Spence, LGBT Youth Scotland
  • Joanna McLaughlin, Improvement Service
  • Dr Laura James, Improvement Service