Family Nurse Partnership: 10 year analysis

To mark the first ten years of the Family Nurse Partnership in Scotland, we have undertaken a review of data from the programme over this time.

Annex 2

FNP Scotland - Complexities profiling tool (Final v2 26/03/18) Client ID:

  • Postcode
  • SIMD Area
  • Age at enrolment
  • Stage of Programme

Please use this checklist to profile your client, and their partner.

  • Tick as many boxes as apply, even if there is overlap between them.
  • Profile your client as they were at the time they enrolled on the programme i.e. at the point you started working together (it may be you need to draw on things you only found out once you had started working together, in order to provide this picture).
  • Where you don't know, just leave blanks.
  • Did your client have a partner at the time they joined the programme: Yes No D/K
Personal Health – Client; Partner Client Partner
Anxiety or other Mental Health issues    
Registered disabled    
Learning disability    
Long term health issues (e.g. diabetes, crohn's)    
Alcohol misuse    
Substance misuse    
High or low BMI    
Contact with Services – Client; Partner Client Partner
LAC (ever)    
CAMHS (ever)    
On Child Protection Register (ever)    
Involvement with Social Services    
Involvement with Criminal Justice System    
Irregular/ limited/ no school attendance    
Client's Life Course Client -
Entered FNP under 16 years of age    
Any previous pregnancy    
Experience of Childhood Sexual Exploitation    
Experience of sexual assault    
Experience of sexual abuse    
Experience of physical abuse (other)    
Experience of emotional abuse    
Experience of physical neglect    
Experience of emotional neglect    
Experience of poor parenting (other, self reported, non specific)    
Experience of self harm    
Experience of attempted suicide    
Experience of Intimate Partner Violence    
Experience of bullying    
Carer for dependant other(s)    
Social isolation / limited networks    
Not in work, education or training    
Low income    
Low job stability (e.g. zero hours/temp contract)    
Poor/ unsuitable housing    
Experience of homelessness    
Living in area of deprivation    
Client's parents' circumstances Client -
Parental separation    
Death of client's mother/ father/ main attachment    
Parental substance misuse    
Parental alcohol misuse    
Parental Mental Health issues    
Client's mother treated violently    
Family member incarcerated    
Family known to Social Services    



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