Emergency Department signposting/ redirection guidance

Best practice guidance for Emergency Departments to ensure people are being seen by the right person in the right place for their healthcare need.

Appendix E: Sample Signposting/Redirection Process at Emergency Department


A. Screening Nurse follows Covid Policy and asks for basic history/reason for attendance.

Screening Outcome

A. Signpost to other service; or

B. Patient is Registered and is placed in waiting area, see below

Assessment Outcome

A. Card printed and patient to be seen in ED; or

B. Direct to Specialty e.g. Mental Health, EPAS, Surgical Ward, Ambulatory Service, Plaster Room; or

C. Flagged as suitable for Redirection, see below

Redirection Outcome

A. SDM dispenses suitable advice and patient discharged from triage room; or

B. SDM redirections patient to other service such as Primary Care; or

C. SDM decides patient needs to be seen as an ED patient; or

D. SDM not available and patient is seen in the ED according to urgency.


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