Emergency Department signposting/ redirection guidance

Best practice guidance for Emergency Departments to ensure people are being seen by the right person in the right place for their healthcare need.

Appendix C: Suggested script for post 3-day injury/primary care presentation Signposting/Redirection.

Please note that practices differ by location.

“Hi, I am XXX, one of the Senior Nurses/ Doctors, I just need to have a brief conversation with you. What seems to be the problem?”

If a patient gives a history of an injury that is over 3 days or presents with a primary care presentation, then they may be suitable to be advised of the signposting/ redirection process

As your injury is more than 3 days old OR as your problem is something that would normally be seen at a GP practice or another of our health services, e.g. MSK physio, we have a GOOD, SAFE system where the Senior Doctor/ Nurse will come and speak with you

This is the best system for you as you will be seen by someone senior who will make a decision if you require EMERGENCY treatment then we will take you through and provide this or if you can be SAFELY signposted/ redirected to another health care professional that would be more suited to deal with your problem. This would prevent an unnecessary wait in the Emergency Department without any benefit to you.

This card goes over what I have said and this card lets you know of services available within NHS XXXX

The Senior Doctor/ Nurse will be with you when they are free.


Email: jessica.milne@gov.scot

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