Emergency Department signposting/ redirection guidance

Best practice guidance for Emergency Departments to ensure people are being seen by the right person in the right place for their healthcare need.

11. Next Steps

Additional Support

National Improvement Advisors are available to provide additional support in assessing existing approaches and implementing the high impact changes laid out in this signposting/redirection guidance.

Each NHS Board has access to improvement support and this should already be known and in place. However if you are not sure who your Advisor is, and need to access this support, please email unscheduledcareteam@gov.scot

Guidance feedback and further questions

If you have further questions or would like to provide feedback please contact unscheduledcareteam@gov.scot

Guidance Review

This document will be reviewed on an annual basis by an expert group of clinicians as part of the wider Unscheduled Care programme. The work of this programme is governed by the Integrated Unscheduled Care Steering Group, chaired by John Burns, Chief Operating Officer, and NHS Scotland.


Email: jessica.milne@gov.scot

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