Economic impacts of wind farms on Scottish tourism: report

Report commissioned by Glasgow Caledonian University to assess whether government priorities for wind farms in Scotland are likely to have an economic impact on Scottish tourism.

List of Figures

Figure 1-1 Watts/ Installed Capacity
Figure 1-2 Case Study Areas

Figure 2-1

Figure 3-1 Wind Turbines in Denmark 2006
Figure 3-2 Number of Wind Turbines and Total Capacity in Denmark from 1996 - 2006
Figure 3-3 Willingness to pay for having future offshore wind farms located at the specified distance from the shore - relative to an 8 km baseline
Figure 3-4 Marginal WTP/km above 8 km
Figure 3-5 Attitudes towards existing land-based wind turbines
Figure 3-6 Visual impact of land-based wind turbines
Figure 3-7 Major Norwegian Wind Farm Developments

Figure 4-1 The Sliders Used to Assess Likelihood
Figure 4-2 Trip Type
Figure 4-3 Trip Type - Overnight Stays Only
Figure 4-4 Country of Origin of All Respondents
Figure 4-5 Country of Origin of Overnight Stay Visitors Only
Figure 4-6 Main Activity Undertaken
Figure 4-7 Travel Group Profile
Figure 4-8 Age Profile of Respondents
Figure 4-9 Q17 Opinion of Structures in the Landscape - Wind farms

Figure 5-1 Colour raster maps of the Borders with boundary superimposed
Figure 5-2 TIN model of the Borders
Figure 5-3 The 15km buffer around the Crystal Rig wind farm
Figure 5-4 Borders combined viewshed (current and agreed) with main roads added
Figure 5-5
Figure 5-6 Main Tourist Travel Flows
Figure 5-7 Combined ZVI for Stirling, Perth and Kinross (Constructed and Agreed)
Figure 5-8 Schematic map of road system in Stirling, Perth and Kinross with exposed sections

Figure 6-1 Distribution of Room Prices

Figure 7-1 Estimated tourism spending summary 2006
Figure 7-2 Overnight business trips increase with dynamic destinations, but are reduced if day trips are feasible
Figure 7-3 Stirling, Perth & Kinross Wind farm Tourism Change in Spend

Figure 8-1 The Dounreay Fast Breeder Reactor
Figure 8-2 Population Change and the Impact of Dounreay
Figure 8-3 Caithness and Sutherland: Approved Applications
Figure 8-4 Caithness & Sutherland: Pending Applications
Figure 8-5 Caithness & Sutherland: All Applications
Figure 8-6 Major Tourist Flows in Caithness and Sutherland
Figure 8-7 Caithness & Sutherland Windfarm Tourism Actual Spend
Figure 8-8 Caithness & Sutherland Windfarm Tourism Accommodation

Figure 9-1 The Top Twenty Distinctive Industries in Perth, Kinross and Stirling
Figure 9-2 Stirling, Perth and Kinross - Applications Approved
Figure 9-3 Stirling, Perth and Kinross - Applications Pending
Figure 9-4 Stirling, Perth and Kinross - Accepted and Applications
Figure 9-5 Schematic Map of Tourist Flows in Stirling, Perth and Kinross Area
Figure 9-6 Impact Analysis General Tourism Spend, Stirling, Perth and Kinross
Figure 9-7 Impact Analysis Accommodation Spend, Stirling, Perth and Kinross

Figure 10-1 The Scottish Borders: Current and Approved
Figure 10-2 The Scottish Borders: Applications
Figure 10-3 The Scottish Borders: Approved and Applications
Figure 10-4 Distribution of Tourist Vehicles entering Lothians from Borders
Figure 10-5 Schematic map showing major tourist flows in The Scottish Borders
Figure 10-6 Impact Analysis General Tourist Spend: Scottish Borders
Figure 10-7 Impact Analysis Accommodation Spend The Scottish Borders

Figure 11-1 Current and Future Age Profiles in Dumfries and Galloway
Figure 11-2 Dumfries and Galloway: Approved Developments
Figure 11-3 Dumfries and Galloway: Applications
Figure 11-4 Dumfries and Galloway: Approvals and Applications
Figure 11-5 Main Tourist Traffic flows in Dumfries and Galloway in thousand vehicles
Figure 11-6 Tourist Flows on Main Entry Route to Scotland
Figure 11-7 Economic Impact of Change in General Tourist Spend: Dumfries and Galloway
Figure 11-8 Economic Impact of Change in Accommodation Spend: Dumfries and Galloway

Figure 12-1 Impact Analysis: Scotland

Figure 13-1 Scotland's Scenic Areas


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