Coronavirus (COVID-19): framework for decision making - easy read version

Easy read version of the information about how the Scottish Government make decisions about the coronavirus outbreak.

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How do we change?

People showing symptoms of coronavirus – a cough or a high temperature

We must follow the advice to stop the virus spreading.

  • stay at home if you have a cough, or a high temperature.
  • stay 2 metres away from other people if you are outside.
A person washing their hands for 20 seconds
  • wash your hands more often - for 20 seconds each time.
A person catching a cough in a tissue
  • cover your mouth when you cough.
A person wearing a facemask
  • Wear something over your nose and mouth if you are in a shop or on public transport.

This can be a cloth face-covering like a scarf or bandanna. Do not use a medical facemask.

A picture showing how 3 people infected with coronavirus could spread the virus to six people, and those six people could spread

We must change the way we cope with coronavirus to stops it spreading in the community.



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