Coronavirus (COVID-19): framework for decision making - easy read version

Easy read version of the information about how the Scottish Government make decisions about the coronavirus outbreak.

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Changing to a new way of living with the virus.

Scottish flag

We will change and build Scotland's economy.

We will make sure everyone is treated equally and in a way that looks after their wellbeing – that they are safe, healthy and happy.

A group of people in the community

We will encourage communities to work together to support and help each other.

Coronavirus and the world

We will work with and learn from governments around the world and how they have coped with the virus.

Group of people

We have seen an amazing response from the people of Scotland.

We have seen communities and businesses support each other.

Lots of people volunteered to help as part of the 'Scotland Cares' campaign.

Equality Act

We must support the people of Scotland to change the way they live and build a new future.

We must make sure people are treated equally and have the same chances and choices.

A group of people getting ready for work

We must give people new skills because jobs will change.

We must help businesses change how they work.

Our public services will have to change to help people recover from the crisis.


When things come apart, we have a chance to put them back together in a different way.

We can all work together to decide the future of Scotland.


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