Coronavirus (COVID-19): framework for decision making - easy read version

Easy read version of the information about how the Scottish Government make decisions about the coronavirus outbreak.

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What we think is important and what we believe in.

Our decisions will be:

Health care professionals


We will make sure the spread of the virus is under control.

This will make sure the National Health Service and our care services are able to cope.



We will follow the law.

Any restrictions will be reasonable and fair.

Person sitting in front of a graph


We will use the best available information and data – facts and figures to make our decisions.

Human Rights Act

Fair & Ethical

We will respect human rights. We will treat people equally and with dignity.

Person reading an easy read version of the document


We will give people clear information so they know what we are asking them to do.

Person holding a chart with a tick


We will do things that are possible and that will work.

People standing on a map of the UK


We will work together with our partners and stakeholders, including the UK Government and the devolved countries of Wales and Northern Ireland.

Union flag and Scottish flag

We will protect Scotland.



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