Clyde Mission: energy masterplan

This masterplan will support the strategic development of low carbon heat and energy infrastructure projects that align to the goals of the Clyde Mission. It aims to support the identification and development of a portfolio of heat and energy related investment opportunities in within the CM area.

14 Next steps

The Energy Masterplan presents:

  • The Energy Masterplan area and boundary, including a buffer for future project expansion
  • Existing energy demand locations (heating, cooling, and power),
  • Low carbon and energy infrastructure technologies suitable for the area
  • Energy project long list, including:
    • Stakeholder-proposed projects
    • Heat demand clusters and the spatial relationship of the clusters to the stakeholder-proposed projects
    • Low carbon resource opportunities and high-level constraints
  • Highlighted pre-feasibility projects (4 No.) which could potentially proceed to the feasibility study stage

This Energy Masterplan can be used as an evidence base to consider where proposed low carbon and energy infrastructure projects could collaborate to incorporate resources available in the area. It can also be used as a reference when considering future projects, for example, in the context of heat demand clusters – consider where stakeholder interest is present to progress with projects, coinciding with heat demand.

Suggested next steps:

  • Consider reviewing the stakeholder-proposed projects presented in the Energy Masterplan, with an eye to identifying mechanisms that may be available to reduce barriers to project establishment. If appropriate, communicate findings to stakeholder project-proposers
  • Clyde Mission Team consider holding a workshop with the stakeholders who have proposed projects, sharing information about proposed project proximity. This would support spontaneous collaboration between engaged stakeholders who are working towards shared goals such as heat networks
  • Stakeholders who have proposed projects - Consider reviewing the information in the project long list to identify opportunities for collaboration to strengthen proposed projects
  • Clyde Mission Team and Zero Waste Scotland - Consider the highlighted list of pre-feasibility projects proposed to progress to feasibility stage. Decide if one, some, or all may be able to progress with any identified potential support.



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