Clyde Mission: energy masterplan

This masterplan will support the strategic development of low carbon heat and energy infrastructure projects that align to the goals of the Clyde Mission. It aims to support the identification and development of a portfolio of heat and energy related investment opportunities in within the CM area.

12 Feasibility studies definition

For each of the four potential projects under consideration to progress from the pre-feasibility to the detailed feasibility stage, a potential feasibility study scope was prepared. The scope includes a stepwise consideration of technical requirements, economic and commercial requirements, and environmental requirements.

Technical Requirements:

  • Step 1. Existing information review
  • Step 2. Site surveys
  • Step 3. Data Assessment
  • Step 4. Energy centre(s) / Plant room
  • Step 5. Heat supply technology
  • Step 6. Network
  • Step 7. Technical modelling
  • Step 8: Outline energy centre design

Economic and commercial requirements:

  • Step 1: Financial model development
  • Step 2: Capital and operational cost assessment
  • Step 3: Future price forecasting
  • Step 4: Sensitivity testing and risk management
  • Step 5: Initial commercial structure

Environmental requirements:

  • Step 1: Input data confirmation
  • Step 2: Carbon assessment
  • Step 3: Additional environmental impacts



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