On Board - A guide for Board Members of Public Bodies in Scotland (April 2015)

This Guide provides much of the basic information that a Board Member will need to understand their role as a member of the Board of a public body in Scotland.

Scotland's Digital Future

The McClelland Review of ICT Infrastructure in the Public Sector in Scotland identified that the public sector, at all levels, could do more to transform how it procures, manages and uses digital technology to drive better public service delivery.

In its response, the Scottish Government outlined priorities for action to enable public services, citizens and businesses to benefit from increased digital participation and access to digital public services. These priorities are set out in Scotland's Digital Future: Delivery of Public Services and include a "digital first" approach to service delivery, with public bodies working collaboratively with each other and service users to develop integrated digital platforms for the delivery of effective, efficient and sustainable public services.

Audit Scotland's report, Managing ICT Projects, published in August 2012 set out recommendations for Accountable Officers. These recommendations are supported by a checklist and an overall ICT Assurance Framework to support Accountable Officers in the successful delivery of such projects and programmes.


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