Beef 2020: review report

A report to develop recommendations that will facilitate sustainable and long-term growth in beef production levels within Scotland.

Delivering the vision

A variety of different actions by many different players including Government, Research Institutes, Knowledge Exchange agents and the entire Scottish beef supply chain will be required to deliver the vision.

The changes which the group believes should be promoted include the following:

  • Improving market orientation among producers;
  • Improving technical knowledge and skills among those working throughout the supply chain so as to, for example:
    Drive out cost;
    Maximise animal health;
    Reduce climate change impacts;
    and hence improve resilience and sustainability;
  • Growing cattle numbers to secure abattoir capacity in Scotland;
  • Improving the age profile of those working in the industry.

However, fundamental to the delivery of the vision is a supply chain where each element in that chain has the opportunity to achieve a fair level of return for the risk capital invested in that business and the labour employed.

A foundation of trust requires to be engendered throughout the supply chain which can be built on a greater understanding of each links role in that supply chain, which in turn will deliver a greater transparency of market signals and customer requirements.


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