Beef 2020: review report

A report to develop recommendations that will facilitate sustainable and long-term growth in beef production levels within Scotland.

Maximise in-market presence

Within the global context Scotland is a small player; so to maximise the benefits of these international opportunities actions will need to be focused on affluent consumers where the values of grass-fed beef of high quality and provenance is valued. To promote these messages in our target markets will require considerable in-market presence.

Having an in-market presence will also provide feedback not only of market opportunities but also information on market channels and barriers to market entry so as to be better able to provide support for exporting companies. Through these in-market activities Scotch Beef will create a strong brand position and through co-ordinating export activity grow target markets.

Recommendation 6

QMS, Scotland Food and Drink, Scottish Development International and other agencies pool resources to maximise in-market presence to build global markets for Scotch Beef and co-products.


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