Beef 2020: review report

A report to develop recommendations that will facilitate sustainable and long-term growth in beef production levels within Scotland.

The Vision

The group's vision of the Scottish beef supply chain is of:

"A confident market driven grass based cattle industry using leading edge technologies capable of delivering profitably to the home and world market high provenance, quality beef from sustainable production systems."

In order to achieve this vision a number of targets or essential elements are required including:

A market led growth in production and sales from the Scottish beef industry increasing from 166,000 tonnes in 2013 to 185,000 tonnes by 2020 and achieved by:

An improvement in productivity (measured as the ratio between beef calf scheme eligible calves and beef females over two years old with offspring) from 87% in 2012 to 94% by 2020;

A growth in beef cow numbers of 5% within 5 years and 10% within

10 years; and

Market driven supply chain collaboration.

A Scottish processing sector that can successfully compete on global markets and with an ownership structure which encourages diversity of ownership to create competition at all levels of the supply chain.

A brand identity synonymous with integrity and traceability which will underpin the growth of international and domestic markets.

An industry supported by the infrastructure to produce, process, market and promote the product in existing markets and to develop new ones.

An industry that takes its role in meeting Scotland's climate change targets seriously by making a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions per kg of beef produced while at the same time securing a growth in cattle numbers.

A suitable industry infrastructure to deliver knowledge and technical support for innovation among producers and processors.


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