Beef 2020: review report

A report to develop recommendations that will facilitate sustainable and long-term growth in beef production levels within Scotland.

Scottish Government Research Strategy

It is generally recognised that successful industries have the benefit of significant research and development budgets. Individual farm businesses do not have the resources to carry out research and development activities in their own right however, Scotland is fortunate to have a world leading livestock research community.

It is important for the future competitiveness of the Scottish beef industry that these resources continue to be available and that the results of relevant research are readily transferable to the Scottish beef industry.

Recommendation 13

The Scottish Government's rural affairs and the environment research strategy 2016 to 2020 must have the resource to maintain national and international capacity in ruminant livestock research.

The strategy should also contain sufficient resource to support work on animal health and welfare, sustainable intensification and strategies to optimise climate change mitigation and adaptation.

The research programme must be managed to maximise relevance and impact for the beef industry through comprehensive and effective knowledge exchange.


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