1. Correspondence

    02 Sep 2020

    Affordable Housing Supply Programme: process and procedures MHDGN 2020/02

    Guidance note and Housing Tender Return and SSHTPI Scottish Social Housing Tender Price Index documents. Guidance detailing the process for planning the delivery of the majority of grant-funded homes through the Affordable Housing Supply Programme. This Guidance Note supersedes MHDGN 2019/03.

  2. NEWS

    22 Sep 2019 00:01

    Making homes safer

    £13 million to improve safety standards in social housing.

  3. Statistics

    16 Apr 2019

    Social tenants in Scotland 2017

    Overview of social tenants and social rented housing in Scotland for 2017, covering information on stock, households, housing flows, rents and income.

  4. Consultation paper

    12 Jun 2018

    Together we can, together we will: consultation

    Consultation by National Consultation of Rural Advisers (NCRA) to help inform recommendations for Scottish Government on future policy direction for the rural economy.

  5. Correspondence

    14 Mar 2017

    Tenant participation newsletter 2017

    A newsletter which gives an outline of Scottish Government priorities for tenants, residents and landlords throughout Scotland.

  6. Statistics

    14 Feb 2017

    Social Tenants in Scotland 2015

    This is a new statistical publication that presents an overview of social tenants and social rented housing in Scotland for the year 2015.

  7. Strategy/plan

    03 Jun 2015

    Joint Housing Delivery Plan for Scotland

    Plan identifying priority actions agreed upon by housing sector representatives to ensure we are able to deliver the objectives set out in our housing strategies.