Rented sector reform: landlord and tenant engagement questionnaire - analysis of email responses

Analysis of email responses received in relation to the landlord and tenant engagement questionnaire on proposals for rented sector reform.

Summary of themes raised

Key themes to emerge from the analysis were that:

  • There were concerns that the Landlord and Tenant Engagement Questionnaire had not allowed respondents to provide further argument or information or to express disagreement with an overall policy direction.
  • Many of those commenting, including most of those who identified themselves as private landlords, noted their opposition to the introduction of rent controls. This tended to be connected to private landlords choosing to leave the sector and to shortages exacerbating rent inflation.
  • The proposals on ending joint tenancies were seen as positive in helping to sustain tenancies. However, there was a concern that there is no consideration for remaining tenants, notably regarding the right to swap tenants in.
  • Most of those commenting on personalising a home supported the overall direction of the proposals, but saw it as unnecessary to put the right to request changes into law.

In relation to greater protections during the eviction process, points made included that such measures are not necessary as the Tribunal already can, and does, delay evictions when they consider it necessary. An alternative perspective was that any measures that create greater breathing space for tenants are a good first step, alongside measures to help people sustain their tenancies.



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