Affordable Housing Supply Programme

We will deliver 50,000 affordable homes by 2021 backed by over £3.3 billion. This target represents a 67% increase in affordable housing supply, and 35,000 of the 50,000 target will be for social rent.

Our investment in housing, will, on average, leverage economic output in the region of £1.4 billion per year, supporting around 10,000 to 12,000 jobs per annum in the construction and related industries in Scotland.

AHSP Budget 2019-20

AHSP Budget 2019-20


More Homes Grant


Transfer of Management of Development Funding (TMDF) Grant*


Financial Transactions (est)




*This funding comes from the Local Government settlement and is for the City of Edinburgh Council and Glasgow City Council.

Resource Planning Assumptions (RPAs) for 2019-20

The Scottish Government has allocated the April 2019 to March 2020 full resource planning assumptions across all council areas. This results from investment of over £827 million being available for the confirmed 2019-20 Affordable Housing Supply Programme. From this, a total of £633.602 million is being allocated to council areas across Scotland.  The Scottish Government has also provided resource planning assumptions for councils to March 2021.

Our area teams agree programmes with councils. This is to ensure that the overall balance of the Affordable Housing Supply Programme, respective subsidy levels for council and registered social landlord projects and the mix of developers in each area are in line with our national strategies for housing supply.

This approach provides a strong strategic role for councils.

Guidance for councils and registered social landlords

Our current and archived guidance gathers publications by calendar year.

Affordable Housing Supply Programme

Housing statistics

Official figures on the AHSP and other housing statistics from Housing Statistics for Scotland.

Achieving excellence in housing development

We are working with our partners to ensure best value through the significant investment supporting the More Homes Scotland approach.

As well as ensuring value for money on individual projects, we also aim to maximise wider benefits from this investment. This includes economic, environmental and social benefits, and working with partners where we believe this investment can support wider objectives, for example in health and social care, education and homelessness.

We will develop projects to improve performance at various stages of delivery such as programme commissioning, project development, procurement, construction and asset life cycle.

Two projects have been identified for early implementation:

A performance framework for housing development

To show best value we need to know how well the affordable housing sector is doing just now, and whether its performance improves. Working with key partners, we will identify the best indicators of performance and begin to collect, analyse and report that data. We will also develop an improvement programme based on the findings from that analysis.

A procurement improvement programme

It is vital that the affordable housing sector procures homes in the most effective and efficient way. We will work with partners to improve the procurement performance of individual organisations, and to develop effective strategic procurement approaches across the affordable housing sector.