Housing to 2040

Collection of documents relating to the Housing to 2040 policy.


Housing has a vital role to play in meeting many of our ambitions for Scotland, including eradicating child poverty and homelessness, ending fuel poverty, tackling climate change and promoting inclusive growth. 

The Scottish Government’s ambition is that everyone in Scotland should have access to a warm, safe, affordable and energy efficient home that meets their needs, in a community they feel part of and proud of. We want to ensure that Scotland has a housing system that can help to address the number of challenges we are facing, including an ageing population and the global climate emergency. And we also want a housing system that is dynamic and resilient enough to respond to emerging challenges and changing contexts.

Housing to 2040, published in March 2021, is Scotland’s first long-term national housing strategy with a vision for what we want housing to look like and how it will be provided to the people of Scotland, no matter where they live and what point in their life they are at. We want to ensure housing in 2040 will support people to live in the homes they want to live in which are affordable and meet their needs.  We recognise that we cannot deliver the ambitions in Housing to 2040 alone and we will work with local authorities, housing providers, landlords and the construction and house building sectors to do this.

Housing to 2040 consultation on outline policy options 2019/20

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