Housing to 2040: vision and principles

The vision and underpinning principles inform the Housing to 2040 route map and describe our ambition for everyone to have access to a warm, safe, affordable and energy efficient home that meets their needs, in a community they feel part of and proud of.

What are the Housing to 2040 Vision and Principles?

The Housing to 2040 Vision describes what we want our homes and communities to look and feel like in the future and is deliberately ambitious and aspirational. It has been informed and shaped by people and organisations across Scotland and is designed to reflect the diversity of people, homes and communities across urban, rural and island Scotland. The Principles underpinning the Vision provide a high-level guide to how policy decisions might be shaped in the future to make the Vision a reality.

Both the Vision and the Principles have informed the Housing to 2040 route map, which sets out the ambitions we have for our homes and communities to 2040 and the actions we will take to get there.


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