Offsite construction

More than 80% of new homes in Scotland are already built using offsite construction, typically involving open panel timber frames. But with growing concerns about labour and skills shortages; the need to speed up delivery; control costs; and achieve high standards of sustainability, we are keen to understand whether greater use of offsite manufacturing could help address these challenges.

We therefore commissioned research, alongside the Construction Scotland Innovation Centre and Scottish Enterprise, to provide evidence which can contribute towards any future policy. There are were three parts to the research:

  • An academic study to provide global experience on the use of offsite systems and the relevance of that experience to Scotland.
  • A study to assess the scale and nature of the current offsite manufacturing sector in Scotland, and how that might change over the next five years.
  • A series of co-design workshops involving a range of practitioners to understand how traditional housing development and construction processes could be changed to ensure that the benefits of offsite manufacturing can be realised.

We are working with partners to consider options for future policy following the report’s publication.