1. International development - inclusive education programme: call for proposals

    This is a call for proposals aimed at organisations who would like to deliver inclusive education programmes in our partner countries of Malawi, Rwanda and Zambia on behalf of the Scottish Government between 2024 and 2029. The deadline for applications is 26 April 2024.

  2. Mainstreaming gender equality in Scottish Government funded international development projects and programmes: guidance note

    A guidance note on mainstreaming gender equality for applications and bids for Scottish Government funded international development projects and/or programmes. The note outlines our minimum criteria for scoring, aligned with the OECD DAC Gender Equality Policy Marker.

  3. Zambia Development Programme 2017-2022: grant awards

    International development grants awarded to deliver projects in Central Province, Zambia.

  4. Rwanda Development Programme 2017-2022: grant awards

    International development grants awarded to deliver projects in Western and Southern Provinces, Rwanda.

  5. International Development Fund: Malawi projects 2018-2023

    The 11 projects in Malawi receiving funding from the International Development Fund between 2018 and 2023, listed by theme.

  6. Prostitution - challenging and deterring men's demand: strategic approach

    Sets our our collective approach, working with stakeholders across the wider public and third sector, to challenge and deter men’s demand for prostitution and support those with experience of it.

  7. The Environment Strategy for Scotland: Delivering the Environment Strategy Outcome on Scotland's Global Footprint - Evidence Base & Policy Levers

    This report presents evidence and initial recommendations on how the Scottish Government could use the available policy levers to help ensure Scotland’s international environmental impact is sustainable.

  8. Scotland's International Strategy

    This strategy sets out our approach to international engagement and delivery to the end of the current parliamentary term.

  9. Taking a feminist approach to international relations: position paper

    This position paper sets out the scope and guiding principles of our feminist approach to international relations.

  10. Climate justice funding

    Rwanda, Malawi and Zambia to receive £24 million.

  11. Scotland's Vision for Trade: annual report - June 2023

    Our second annual report on Scotland's Vision for Trade, outlining the range of specific actions that we have taken over the past year and our continued ambition to make trade-related decisions based on the principles of inclusive growth, wellbeing, sustainability, net zero and good governance.

  12. Humanitarian support for Sudan

    Relief for ongoing crisis.

  13. Funding for life-saving vaccine research in Zambia

    £1 million of funding confirmed during First Minister meeting with Zambian President.

  14. Emergency relief for Malawi

    Funding to provide food, shelter and healthcare in wake of Tropical Cyclone Freddy.

  15. Donating medical equipment: report

    This report by the Chief Medical Officer reviews the standards required for medical equipment donations to low- and middle-income countries. It includes a 10 step guide to the donation journey and links to key guidance.

  16. Equality, opportunity, community: New leadership - A fresh start

    This publication sets out the First Minister’s vision for Scotland and the outcomes he and his government aim to achieve by 2026.

  17. £400,000 storm aid for Malawi

    Emergency relief funding following record-breaking storm.

  18. £1 million flood support for Pakistan

    Communities in worst flood-affected areas will receive funding.

  19. £500,000 for East Africa

    Funding to alleviate the food crisis.

  20. Humanitarian funding support for Ukraine

    Money to be split between three partner organisations.

  21. £500,000 emergency funding for Türkiye and Syria.

    Funding to support humanitarian aid efforts.

  22. Rent freeze focus of Programme for Government

    Ministers act to protect people in cost crisis.

  23. Pakistan flood relief to get £500,000

    Disasters Emergency Committee launches appeal.

  24. Scotland's Global Affairs Framework

    The Global Affairs Framework sets out the values and principles underpinning the Scottish Government’s international work and the basis on which the Scottish Government will prioritise its international activity.

  25. Call for immediate action to resettle Ukraine refugees

    First Minister urges Prime Minister to act with humanity and compassion.

  26. Disaster relief for Malawi

    £400,000 to support recovery from tropical storms.

  27. Supporting access to COVID-19 vaccines in Malawi, Rwanda and Zambia

    £1.5 million in Scottish Government funds for UNICEF.

  28. Zambia Development Programme 2017-2022: reporting schedule and templates

    Reporting schedule for the Zambia Development Programme from 2017 to 2022, and the reporting templates that need to be used at each point.

  29. Rwanda Development Programme 2017-2022: reporting schedule and templates

    Reporting schedule for the Rwanda Development Programme from 2017 to 2022, and the reporting templates that need to be used at each point.

  30. Extra funds for Covid-19 response overseas

    Total of £5 million committed to fight pandemic.

  31. Humanitarian aid for South Sudan

    Hunger crisis prompts £250,000 funding from Scottish Government.

  32. Scotland commits humanitarian funds to Afghanistan

    £250,000 for urgent aid.

  33. Vital equipment to fight Covid-19 crisis in Africa

    Funding for aid in Malawi, Rwanda and Zambia.

  34. Coronavirus (COVID-19): international development funding

    Information about funding made available from the International Development Fund (IDF) and the Humanitarian Emergency Fund (HEF) during the coronavirus pandemic.

  35. Review of international development

    New focus on tackling gender inequality.

  36. International Development 2019-2020: contribution report

    This is the third Scottish Government’s contribution to International Development report. It takes a holistic look at a wide cross-section of international development activity, including a reflection on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  37. Renewed commitment to international development

    Scottish Budget continues support.

  38. Aid for COVID-19 response in Africa

    £2 million in funds for UNICEF.

  39. International Development - national indicator development: research report

    The report outlines the research commissioned for the development of the indicator ‘Contribution of development support to other nations’ that forms part of the National Outcome ‘We are open, connected and make a positive contribution internationally’ in the refreshed National Performance Framework

  40. Alliance Annual Conference: speech by the Minister for Europe and International Development - 24 September 2020

    Keynote speech given by the Minister for Europe and International Development, Jenny Gilruth MSP, at the Alliance Annual Conference on International Development on 24 September 2020.

  41. Scottish secondary schools and their links with developing countries: study

    This study on school partnership and school visits in a global citizenship context supports discussions on global learning, international development, school partnerships and volunteering.

  42. International Small Grants Programme: review

    An independent review of the Scottish Government's International Small Grants Programme conducted from January to June 2020.

  43. Driving international climate action

    Scotland assumes European role ahead of critical COP26 talks.

  44. International development programmes: mid-year reporting templates

    Mid-year reporting templates for the Malawi Development Programme 2018-2023, Rwanda Development Programme 2017-2022 and Zambia Development Programme 2017-2022.

  45. Humanitarian emergency fund: independent review

    Independent review of the HEF to assess impacts and possible improvements.

  46. 1,000 computers for Africa

    Latest donation to Turing Trust charity.

  47. Humanitarian aid for Syria

    £100,000 to help displaced families.

  48. International Development report

    Support for partnerships in sub-Saharan Africa and Asia.

  49. Climate justice and international development in the Scottish Government: report

    Our report submitted to the UK House of Commons in March 2019.

  50. Support for women in Rwanda

    New funding for reusable sanitary products project.

  51. Girls in Malawi get digital lessons

    Teacher training in Africa among new projects funded by Scottish Government.

  52. Malawi flooding crisis

    £175k to support emergency flood relief

  53. Supporting women and girls in Pakistan

    Funding for secondary to masters education.

  54. Support for Venezuelan Migrants in Colombia

    Humanitarian Emergency Fund activated.

  55. Supporting gender equality

    First Minister appointed UN Women Global Advocate.

  56. Helping disabled people into employment

    Social Security Scotland will learn from Scotland-India partnership

  57. Funding allocated to Mali crisis

    Humanitarian emergency fund activated.

  58. Expanding healthcare in Zambia

    Support announced for Emergency Medical Service.

  59. Support for Indonesia

    Humanitarian Emergency Fund activated.

  60. Investing in the Malawian economy

    £418,000 allocated to businesses to drive development.

  61. Mapping and condition surveys of water points in Malawi

    Tackling global water issues.

  62. Access to sanitary products

    Support for women in Malawi.

  63. Solar panels for ‘Livingstone’s Hospital’

    Community benefit from secure energy supply.

  64. Minister visit to Southern Africa

    International development and strengthening relationships.

  65. New office in Canada

    Scottish Government presence to be extended.

  66. Malawi Development Programme

    £11m for projects to benefit communities.

  67. Humanitarian Emergency Fund

    Support for aid projects in Syria, Yemen and South Sudan.

  68. 2050 Climate Group Youth Summit

    Malawi partnership announced.

  69. Small grants – big impact

    Project to boost cultural tourism in rural Kenya.

  70. Funding for Democratic Republic of Congo

    £293,000 for humanitarian programmes.

  71. Brexit threat to aid priorities

    International development not about own ‘national interest’.

  72. Mental health help for Malawi

    Scottish expertise delivers country’s first psychiatrists.

  73. Space technology saving lives

    Clean water for Pakistan.

  74. International development support

    Call for projects in Malawi.

  75. Helping Africa's poor

    International development funding for aid agencies.

  76. Social enterprise in Africa

    Scotland helping young entrepreneurs.

  77. Humanitarian Emergency Fund

    Aid allocated following flood crisis.

  78. Brexit planning process 'unacceptable'

    Minister raises concerns over lack of engagement by UK Government.

  79. Big impact of small grants

    Fund improving lives in some of the world’s poorest communities.

  80. Global Citizenship: Scotland's International Development Strategy

    This strategy sets out our intentions in respect of our international development.

  81. Medical help for Malawi

    Improving the treatment of mental illness.

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