Mapping and condition surveys of water points in Malawi

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People living in Malawi can now look forward to better managed water infrastructure which will make available water that is safer and cleaner to drink, thanks to a Scottish Government initiative. 

Through the Climate Justice Fund, approximately 35% of all of Malawi’s water and sanitation assets have been mapped and their condition surveyed, including some 47,000 water points serving 4.8 million people. The mapping and condition data is captured in digital form to allow better targeting of future investment. The project continues and a full national water infrastructure map will be in place within 2 years. 

The project supports the Government of Malawi with training and knowledge exchange on borehole drilling, chemistry, governance and water resource management which will help the delivery of both new infrastructure and ongoing maintenance work, benefiting schools, health centres and homes. 

Making the announcement ahead of a full day of engagements in the country, including a visit to a Mary’s Meals feeding programme and a Fish Farm, both of which require safe water supplies, Mr Macpherson said: 

“Access to safe and clean drinking water and sanitation is a fundamental human right. Our longstanding partnership with Malawi around water governance is helping improve the lives of many. Working with colleagues at all levels of the local and national Government of Malawi in understanding the importance of well governed safe water is vital in contributing to the UN’s Global Goals. 

“Our Climate Justice Fund is working to develop and promote more efficient water use through our Hydro Nation agenda, as everyone should have access to safe, clean drinking water.”


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