Humanitarian funding support for Ukraine

Money to be split between three partner organisations.

A further £1 million will be provided to organisations to help support people in Ukraine.  

The Scottish Government funding will enable the organisations to provide generators, heaters and blankets to families and essential facilities such as hospitals and shelters. It will also support home repairs for households and communities in Ukraine which will help prevent homelessness.

It will be allocated between the British Red Cross, Christian Aid and Scottish Catholic International Aid Fund (SCIAF).

International Development Minister and Minister with special responsibility for Refugees from Ukraine Neil Gray updated Parliament during a debate marking one year of the war in Ukraine.

Mr Gray said:

“The Scottish Government has repeatedly condemned Russia’s illegal war against Ukraine and stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine.

“The organisations we have allocated this further funding to today are key in providing much needed humanitarian aid and support to the people of Ukraine. Over the last year, we have provided financial aid to help provide basic humanitarian assistance, including in health, water and sanitation, and shelter for those fleeing Ukraine, as well as medical supplies and funding to support the clear-up operation in Ukraine.

“It will also ensure that the most vulnerable people across Ukraine are living in warm and safe accommodation and that essential facilities will be able to continue working to protect the people they serve. it will also enable families to begin to restore their homes and livelihoods following a challenging winter – helping them to repair damage and improve the food and water supply.

“I’m proud that Scotland has been able to play its part in supporting Ukraine and I want to reiterate our continued support for Ukraine and those who have been displaced.”


Since February 2022, the Scottish Government has provided £4 million in financial aid to help provide basic humanitarian assistance which was allocated as below:

Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) appeal                                                            




British Red Cross


Scottish Catholic International Aid Fund (SCIAF)


The Scottish Government has also sent five consignments of medical supplies to Poland for onward transport to Ukraine, totalling 156 pallets worth almost £3 million.

The Scottish Government has provided £300,000 to Dumfries based international NGO, The HALO Trust, to support their work in clearing unexploded ordnance in areas around Kyiv that were liberated from Russian control.

The further £1 million funding will be allocated as below:

British Red Cross


Scottish Catholic International Aid Fund (SCIAF)


Christian Aid


On 22 September 2022, the Scottish Government introduced a new fund with up to £50 million to bring void local authority and Registered Social Landlord properties into use and to increase available housing supply.

On 28 November 2022, the Scottish Government launched a new campaign for hosts for displaced people from Ukraine.

View the latest published data on the Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme including the Scottish Government’s Super Sponsor Scheme.


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