International development

Monitoring and evaluating international funding

All our international development work undergoes rigorous monitoring and evaluation procedures. The same monitoring and evaluation processes are applied to projects funded under the International Development Fund and the Climate Justice Fund.

All applications for funding are assessed by external experts, and grant applicants must include audited or independently verified accounts, as well as a risk assessment and risk management plan for their proposed project.

Following a conditional grant offer, which is payable in two instalments per year, we require formal, six-monthly progress reports in addition to regular routine monitoring. We scrutinise these project reports against the five Criteria for Evaluating Development Assistance established by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development's Development Assistance Committee (OECD DAC), and we work closely with grant holders to ensure that progress is satisfactory against agreed objectives and budget. Only once a report is satisfactory will we release the next tranche of project funds.

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