Civil courts

  1. Victims’ consultation launches

    Putting people at the heart of the justice system.

  2. Improving victims' experiences of the justice system: consultation

    The consultation seeks views on potential reforms to empower and protect victims of crime, with particular reference to sexual offences. It takes forward the work of the Victims Taskforce and recommendations from Lady Dorrian’s Review which do, or may, require a legislative underpinning.

  3. Civil justice statistics in Scotland 2020-21

    Statistics on civil law cases in the Scottish courts together with other related information, such as statistics from the Scottish Crime and Justice Survey.

  4. Coronavirus (COVID-19): Justice Analytical Services data report- March 2022

    This pack provides information on the impact of COVID-19 on the Justice system during March 2022.

  5. Sheriff Courts - remand and bail outcomes: occasional paper

    A paper illustrating some of the key trends in bail and remand decisions, based on a new dataset prepared by Scottish Courts and Tribunals Services.

  6. New Bairns’ Hoose appointment

    Post will drive improvements for children.

  7. New vision for justice

    Victims placed at the heart of ensuring just, safe, and resilient communities.

  8. Not proven consultation opens

    Views sought on three verdict system and related reforms.

  9. Death in custody review

    Two year review recommends independent body investigates prison deaths.

  10. New victim support fund announced

    Scheme will diversify and broaden support for victims.

  11. Pledge on children’s rights

    Work on landmark legislation will continue.

  12. Modernising legal services

    New system proposed to place consumer interests at its heart.

  13. Supporting children in the justice system

    Improving services for victims and witnesses.

  14. Backing for staff facing abuse

    Wearing of face coverings vital to limit COVID-19 spread.

  15. Investment to support legal aid traineeships

    Cash will strengthen vital sector during COVID recovery.

  16. Supporting the legal profession

    Funding of up to £20 million available for solicitors.

  17. Cross-EU border civil and commercial legal cases from 1 January 2021: guidance for legal professionals

    Updated guidance for legal professionals on applicable law and on jurisdiction and recognition and enforcement of judgments in cross-EU border civil and commercial legal cases from 1 January 2021.

  18. Hate Crime law reform

    Amendments to Bill proposed to safeguard freedom of speech.

  19. Family court process to be more child friendly

    Legislation to put the best interests of children at the heart of cases.

  20. Judicial factors: consultation analysis

    Analysis of responses to the public consultation following the Scottish Law Commission's recommendations and draft bill to modernise judicial factors, which ran between 28 August and 20 November 2019.

  21. Emergency marriage and civil partnership guidance

    Advice announced as part of second Coronavirus (Scotland) Bill.

  22. Short-term prisoners considered for early release

    Further safeguard for those working and living in prisons amid COVID-19 outbreak.

  23. Criminal trials during COVID-19 outbreak

    Discussion paper published ahead of talks and update to Parliament.

  24. Civil justice statistics in Scotland: 2018-2019

    The 2018-2019 civil justice statistics in Scotland release includes main statistics tables, figures and supplementary statistics tables.

  25. Ensuring continuity of justice during COVID-19

    Emergency powers for release a ‘last resort’.

  26. Parliament asked to back emergency Coronavirus Bill

    New powers outlined for justice, public services and the economy

  27. Cross-border civil and commercial legal cases after Brexit: guidance for legal professionals

    This is a guidance note for legal professionals who engage in civil/commercial litigation. It outlines changes to the law that would follow EU exit on a 'no deal' basis.

  28. Improving digital evidence sharing

    Modernising the criminal justice system.

  29. Success fee agreements: analysis of consultation responses

    Analysis of the consultation responses from the 'success fee agreements in Scotland' consultation.

  30. Fatal Accident Inquiries: follow up review

    The Inspectorate of Prosecution in Scotland's follow up review of their Fatal Accident Inquiries thematic which was published in August 2016.

  31. Fatal accident inquiries (FAIs): statistics

    Statistics covering the period 2018 to 2019.

  32. Mediation in civil justice: international evidence review

    Available literature and evidence on mediation in civil justice (civil/commercial) in five international jurisdictions: Australia, Canada, England and Wales, Ireland, and the USA.

  33. Civil justice statistics in Scotland: 2017-2018

    The 2017-2018 Civil Justice in Scotland release includes main statistics tables, figures and supplementary statistics tables.

  34. Civil Justice Statistics in Scotland 2017-18

    An Official Statistics Publication for Scotland.

  35. Law of succession: consultation

    We are seeking views on a new approach to reform of intestate succession and on cohabitants' rights in intestacy, as well as on a number of discrete succession issues.

  36. Success fee agreements: consultation on Part 1 of the Civil Litigation (Expenses and Group Proceedings) (Scotland) Act 2018

    Consultation on Scottish Ministers' powers to cap success fees, to regulate which cases are not suitable to be funded by damages based agreements, and to make further regulatory provision about success fee agreements.

  37. Fatal accident inquiries (FAIs): statistics

    Statistics covering the period 2017 to 2018.

  38. Widening access to civil justice

    Legislation to expand funding options for civil actions passed.

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