1. Delivering Scotland's circular economy - proposed Circular Economy Bill: consultation

    This consultation seeks views on our proposals for legislation to develop Scotland’s circular economy. The consultation sets out a number of areas in which we are seeking views on whether to take powers within a new Circular Economy Bill.

  2. Climate Change Plan: monitoring reports 2022

    The second annual statutory monitoring report against the updated 2018 Climate Change Plan, as per the Climate Change (Emissions Reduction Targets) (Scotland) Act 2019.

  3. Town centre action plan review: joint Scottish Government and COSLA response

    Joint response from SG and COSLA to the New Future for Scotland's Town Centres report. Sets out some of the ways in which we can all seek to do our part, locally and nationally, in rebuilding, reenergising and reimagining our towns to meet our place and country ambitions.

  4. City Centre Recovery Task Force: report

    Co-produced with the Scottish Cities Alliance, this report sets out the specific impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on city centres, and identifies the immediate priorities to support city centre recovery.

  5. Inclusive growth: what does it look like?

    This paper seeks to illuminate tangible examples of inclusive growth in Scotland, with a view to translating successes even if small in scale and sharing learning to inform future improvements in delivery.

  6. Getting the Right Change – retail strategy for Scotland

    This strategy contains current initiatives and future actions to help fulfil our vision for the retail sector in a fair, sustainable way. By delivering on its actions we aim for successful, profitable retail businesses, creation of new, better jobs and to become an exemplar for inclusive growth.

  7. A Culture Strategy for Scotland

    A Culture Strategy for Scotland shows how important culture is to Scotland’s prosperity and sets the future direction for supporting culture in Scotland.

  8. Funding of local government in Scotland: 2022 to 2023

    Process overview of the funding of local government 2022 to 2023.

  9. Scotland National Strategy for Economic Transformation: Regional Economic Partnerships - evidence

    This Paper provides summary evidence received from Scotland's Regional Economic Partnerships as part of the National Strategy for Economic Transformation engagement process.

  10. Scotland National Strategy for Economic Transformation: evidence paper

    This Evidence Paper presents evidence on the structure and performance of Scotland’s economy, and identifies areas where the new National Strategy for Economic Transformation must take action to deliver transformational improvements to Scotland’s economic performance.

  11. COVID Economic Recovery Fund

    New support package ahead of Strategic Framework Update.

  12. Local Heat and Energy Efficiency Strategy (LHEES) pilot programme: synthesis evaluation

    This report presents findings from a synthesis evaluation of Scotland’s Local Heat and Energy Efficiency Strategy (LHEES) pilot programme, which involved pilot projects delivered by all 32 Scottish local authorities.

  13. Infrastructure Investment Plan 2021-22 to 2025-26: major capital projects progress update - September 2021

    The following information relates to projects with a capital value of £5 million or more which are at the outline business case (or equivalent) approved stage or beyond.

  14. Grants to revitalise neighbourhoods

    Funding of £25 million to support community projects and local economies.

  15. Scotland's Climate Assembly - recommendations for action: SG response

    Scotland's Climate Assembly published their full report on 23 June 2021. It included 81 recommendations for the Scottish Government, who had six months to respond. This response sets out the existing and proposed actions that government will take in order to address their recommendations.

  16. Heat networks delivery plan - draft: consultation

    This draft heat network delivery plan sets out how the provisions of the Heat Networks (Scotland) Act 2021, and related policies, will contribute to increased heat networks across Scotland. It also outlines the proposed regulatory regime for the heat networks sector in Scotland.

  17. Fairer Scotland Duty: guidance for public bodies

    Statutory guidance for public sector bodies subject to the Fairer Scotland Duty to help them actively consider how they can reduce inequalities of outcome caused by socio-economic disadvantage, when making strategic decisions.

  18. National Development Plan for Crofting: Island Communities Impact Assessment

    Screening Report for the Island Communities Impact Assessment undertaken for the National Development Plan for Crofting.

  19. Just Transition - A Fairer, Greener Scotland: Scottish Government response

    The Scottish Government's initial response to the final report of the Just Transition Commission. It sets out our long-term vision for just transition and provides details on our National Just Transition Planning Framework.

  20. Cleaner Air for Scotland 2 - Towards a Better Place for Everyone

    A new air quality strategy to replace Cleaner Air for Scotland - The Road to a Healthier Future, setting out the Scottish Government's air quality policy framework for the next five years and a series of actions to deliver further air quality improvements.

  21. Land use - getting the best from our land: strategy 2021 to 2026

    Scotland's Third Land Use Strategy sets out our vision, objectives and policies to achieve sustainable land use. The strategy covers the next five years and aims to provide a more holistic understanding of our land, the demands we place upon it and the benefits we get from our land.

  22. Cleaner air for Scotland review: consultation analysis

    Analysis of responses to the consultation on a draft new air quality strategy for Scotland.

  23. A New Future for Scotland's Town Centres

    In June 2020 we launched an independent collaborative review of the progress and scope of the 2013 Town Centre Action Plan. The Review group was asked to build on our town centre first approach and develop a refreshed vision for our towns and the means to achieve it.

  24. A New Future for Scotland's Town Centres: easy read

    Easy read version of A New Future for Scotland's Town Centres

  25. Community projects get £25 million funding

    Investment in regeneration and to tackle inequality.

  26. £50 million for Falkirk

    Funding for regional deal.

  27. Healthier, greener town centres

    Optimising town centres for the aftermath of COVID-19.

  28. Landmark agreement to boost repopulation

    Councils across the Highlands and Islands back Scottish Government policy.

  29. Tay Cities Region Deal

    Scottish Government pledges £200 million investment.

  30. Rural Scotland: key facts 2018

    Biennial compendium publication comparing and contrasting statistics on key policy topics such as People and Communities, Services and Lifestyle, Economy and Enterprise broken down by Remote Rural, Accessible Rural and the Rest of Scotland.

  31. South of Scotland Enterprise Agency: consultation report

    Analysis report on the consultation process for creating the South of Scotland Enterprise Agency. The report analyses both online responses and opinions expressed at the 26 engagement events held across Dumfries and Galloway and the Scottish Borders.

  32. Edinburgh and South East City Region Deal

    £1.3 billion investment given the green light.

  33. £90.2 million City Region Deal for Stirling and Clackmannanshire

    Economic growth plan announced.

  34. Scottish electorate continues to rise

  35. Budget: Local Government funding settlement

    Public services protected despite cuts to Scotland’s block grant.

  36. Budget sets out economic growth package

    Economic expansion at centre of spending plans.

  37. Scotland’s Budget

    Investing in the NHS, protecting low earners, backing Scotland’s economy.

  38. Beyond city deals

    Next steps for city region deals outlined.

  39. Designing communities

    People to have say in the design of their area.

  40. Record-breaking year for foreign direct investment

    Scotland retains top UK region status outside London for foreign direct investment.

  41. Household numbers projected to rise in Scotland's National Parks and around its biggest cities

  42. Support for cities

    City Region Deals boosting jobs and local economies.

  43. Call for reassurance over European City of Culture

    Brexit must not harm Dundee’s opportunity to host 2023 title.

  44. Backing for city deal

    UK Government should commit to City Region Deals.

  45. £250m Aberdeen City Region Deal.

    Signing completes agreement.

  46. Scotland's Agenda for Cities

    Scotland's Agenda for Cities sets out the Scottish Government’s strategic framework for its future interaction with Scotland’s cities.

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