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Regional Growth Deals

Regional Growth Deals are agreements between the Scottish Government, the UK Government and local government designed to bring about long-term strategic approaches to improving regional economies. Growth deals are delivered by regional partnerships between partners including local authorities, the private sector, education and skills providers, and our economic agencies. The aim of these collaborations is to drive inclusive economic growth.

Building on the City Region Deals,  we are committed to ensuring 100% coverage of Scotland with growth deals.  

Current deals

Ayrshire Growth Deal

We signed the Ayrshire Growth Deal in March 2019 with a commitment of £103 million investment over the next 10 years to deliver inclusive growth across Ayrshire. The UK Government will also be investing £103 million into the region over the next 15 years and regional partners will contribute £45.5 million to a total Deal worth £251.5 million. 

Regional partners estimate the deal will create 7,000 new jobs and unlock an additional £300 million from the private sector. 

Our investment includes £40 million for innovative projects around engineering, manufacturing and digital automation, £30 million for an Aerospace and Space Programme, £18.5 million for tourism and regeneration and £14.5 million for regional projects around skills, community wealth building and digital infrastructure.

Read the news release: Ayrshire growth deal confirmed

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Borderlands Inclusive Growth Deal 

The Borderlands Partnership involves five local authorities: Dumfries and Galloway, Scottish Borders, Carlisle City, Cumbria and Northumberland working together to promote inclusive economic growth in the South of Scotland and North of England.

The Borderlands partners have identified priority themes that they consider will transform the region as a whole. The priority themes are: digital, energy, place, destination, mountain biking, business infrastructure, knowledge exchange, land and marine, transport.

We have committed up to £85 million, over a 10 year period, to support the Borderlands Inclusive Growth Deal. The UK Government will invest up to £65 million in the Scottish elements of the deal, and up to £195 million in the English components. This brings the total value of potential deal investment, in the wider region, to £345 million. 

We signed the deal heads of terms agreement with the UK Government and Borderlands partners in July 2019. This agreement sets out the specific projects and activities to be funded.

Read the news release: £85 million for Borderlands 

Read the heads of terms document for Borderlands Growth Deal

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Moray Growth Deal

In July 2019 the Scottish and UK Governments each committed to an investment of £32.5 million in the Moray Growth Deal, a long-term plan designed to boost inclusive economic growth across Moray.  Moray Council and partners continue to refine their proposals with feedback from Scottish Government ahead of reaching Heads of Terms later in 2020.

Find out more about the Moray Growth Deal on the Moray Council website

Argyll and Bute Growth Deal

In October 2019 the Scottish and UK Governments each committed investment of up to £25 million in the Argyll and Bute Growth Deal. 

This investment will support a range of projects designed to drive inclusive economic growth throughout Argyll and Bute. We will continue to work with our partners in Argyll and Bute to help them develop and refine those projects that they think will have the transformative effect on the local economy that we all want to see.

We look forward to being able to announce a heads of terms agreement as soon as possible, which will specify which projects will be supported by this joint investment.

Deals in development

Falkirk Growth Deal

The Falkirk Growth Deal will seek to develop Falkirk’s ambitions for inclusive economic growth, including the opportunities unlocked from Grangemouth’s national significance as Scotland’s largest industrial site. We continue to work with Falkirk to help them to consider proposals which will unlock investment and drive inclusive growth across the area.  

Islands Growth Deal 

The Islands Growth Deal will unlock investment and drive inclusive growth across Orkney, Shetland and the Western Isles. The deal will form the basis of the next phase of the islands’ collaboration which will build on the successful 'Our Islands Our Future' campaign they commenced in 2013. The island councils are currently working with partners to revise proposals and which are expected to be submitted for discussion and scrutiny to the Scottish and UK Governments shortly.