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Scottish Cities Alliance

We formed the Scottish Cities Alliance in 2011 as a partnership between us and Scotland's seven cities, supported by the £7 million Cities Investment Fund.

It's a unique collaboration that aims to bring investment and jobs to our cities and their regions, and to deliver inclusive economic growth that leaves everyone better off.


The Alliance seeks to enable new and more effective ways of working collaboratively with key stakeholders in both the private and public sector. Regular meetings bring together the Cabinet Secretary for Transport, Infrastructure and Connectivity and the leaders of all seven city councils to provide the Alliance with strategic direction.

The Alliance works on collaborative projects that focus on low carbon, 'smart' technology, investment promotion and infrastructure. It aims to attract external investment, stimulate economic activity and create business growth. Working together enables Alliance partners to share knowledge and create major projects designed to strengthen Scotland's economy.


Working collaboratively, the Scottish Cities Alliance has brought in significant investment to Scotland’s cities and their city regions, and has a Smart Cities programme of almost £60 million which is being rolled out. Through its joined-up approach, the Alliance has also made large strides for Scotland within the hydrogen sector.

More information on the partnership's activity and investment is available on the Scottish Cities Alliance website.