Green freeports

Inverness and Cromarty Firth Green Freeport and Forth Green Freeport have been selected jointly by the Scottish Government and UK Government as the locations for Scotland’s first Green Freeports through an open, transparent and competitive process. Maps have been published for both Green Freeports. These maps show the Green Freeport locations in Scotland, their outer boundaries and the proposed tax sites within them.

Green Freeports are designed to boost innovation and inclusive growth within communities, while supporting Fair Work First practices, creating new green jobs, upholding the highest environmental protections and supporting economic transformation.

Working in partnership with the UK Government, we have adapted the UK Government’s freeport model to develop a sustainable and fair Green Freeport model that fits the Scottish context. 

A Green Freeport is a large zoned area within a defined boundary which includes a rail, sea or airport. Operators and businesses in the zone can benefit from a package of tax and other incentives through a combination of devolved and reserved levers. 

Green Freeports are required to contribute to four key policy objectives:

  • promoting regeneration and high-quality job creation – our lead policy objective
  • promoting decarbonisation and a just transition to a net zero economy
  • establishing hubs for global trade and investment
  • fostering an innovative environment

Following the announcement on the selected Green Freeports, on 13 January 2023, a note about the decision making in relation to the Green Freeport competition has been published. The Green Freeports Selection Decision Making Note sets out the decision-making process for determining Green Freeport locations

We are working closely with the selected Green Freeports to ensure they deliver maximum positive impact and become operational as soon as possible. The Green Freeports setup phase guidance details the processes the two successful applicants have to complete to become operational.


The Green Freeports joint working agreement between the Scottish and UK Governments is set out in an exchange of letters. Both letters have been published and are available below:

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