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10 Pledges

Supporting Economic Recovery: 10 Energy Pledges

PLEDGE 1: We will support and accelerate the implementation of renewable energy, through our Renewable Energy Action Plan, in a way which promotes large scale, community based, decentralised and sustainable generation.

PLEDGE 2: We will aim to build a commercially viable, diverse renewable heat industry in Scotland to deliver benefits to the wider public, through the implementation of our Renewable Heat Action Plan

PLEDGE 3: We will work with the oil and gas sector to maintain its competitiveness, facilitate the transfer of skills and knowledge to other sectors and utilise Scottish based skills in world markets.

PLEDGE 4: We will enhance our capability to undertake energy and environmental foresight, and develop our preparedness to anticipate and respond to threats and take advantage of opportunities.

PLEDGE 5: We will support development and implementation of clean fossil fuel technologies in Scotland, through collaboration with academia, industry and other interested parties.

PLEDGE 6: We will support the development of sub-sea grids, alongside improvements in the onshore grids, and press the UK Government for fairer charging structures.

PLEDGE 7: We will implement measures to improve Scotland's energy use through the Energy Efficiency Action Plan, which is a key part of the Scottish Government's Climate Change Bill.

PLEDGE 8: We will develop and deliver more sustainable transport to improve efficiency and reduce transport emissions in the longer term.

PLEDGE 9: We will promote the development, uptake and use of electric and other low carbon vehicles, in addition to using improvements in vehicle engineering which are already available.

PLEDGE 10: We will work to develop international partnerships through the Saltire Prize and the Scottish European Green Energy Centre to make Scotland a leader in the development and deployment of green energy.