Undergraduate medical education: recommendations

A series of recommendations to increase undergraduate medical education in Scotland by enabling more general practice based teaching in primary care.


Professor Gillies would like to acknowledge contributions to this report and recommendations from the following organisations and individuals:

Scottish Rural Medicine Collaborative

Rural GPs Association of Scotland

The Scottish Deep End Project

National General Practice Out of Hours Group

Christopher Wroath, Director, NHS Education Scotland Digital.

Professor Alison Strath for her presentation on interprofessional learning, Professor Joanne Reeve and Professor Val Wass for contributions to the workshop, and Professors Simon Gregory, Robert McKinley and Joe Rosenthal for helpful discussions.

Dr Kirsten Woolley and Dr Rob O'Donnell, Scottish Clinical Leadership Fellows.

Hillary Collins (intern) for research, as well as analysis of the workshop.

Stella Smith, Iain MacAllister and Gillian McCallum, Scottish Government, for policy advice and help in setting up/running group meetings and workshops.


Email: rachael.fairbairn@gov.scot

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