Undergraduate medical education: recommendations

A series of recommendations to increase undergraduate medical education in Scotland by enabling more general practice based teaching in primary care.

Appendix D: Revised Tariff Implications

Amount of Primary Care Teaching Unchanged

2017/18 GP costs data derived from MoT/actual costs submitted to NES

Total ACT Budget: £77,161,744

(£75 536 744 baseline + £1,625,000 uplift due to "widening access payment" made 2018/19 - see below):

Total ACT Budget

Secondary Care GP-Primary Care
Costs £68,309,094 GP Placement costs (Cat A) £2,244,044
Travel & Subsistence £442,113 GP Teaching costs (Cat B + prep) £2,135,574
GP Support costs £2,380,539
GP Travel & Subsistence £340,686
Total £68,751,207 £7,100,843

Note: The overall total for the two columns is £75,852,050. This may be due to some health boards being unable to use the widening access payment they received at end of 2017/18 financial year. In this context, "widening access payment" refers to 10 contextualised admissions for 5 undergraduate medical programmes per annum currently supported by Scottish Government.

Scenario A - Tariff Increased/ Curriculum unchanged

New Primary Care Amounts
GP Placement costs (Cat A) (£2,244,044 x 85/40) = £4,768,593.50
GP Teaching costs (Cat B + prep) Unchanged = £2,135,574
GP Support costs Unchanged = £2,380,539
GP Travel & Subsistence Unchanged = £340,686
Total £9,625,392.50

Total cost of increasing tariff from £40 to £85 (curriculum unchanged) = £2.5 million


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