Children's hearings training resource manual: volume 2

Volume 2 is a children's hearings handbook, focusing on the problems that some children face, the environment in which they live, their needs and their rights.

Section 3: Communication

Section 3 - Contents

1 Introduction

2 What is meant by communication?
Legal obligations
What is effective communication?
Barriers to effective communication in hearings

3 Non-verbal communication
Self awareness

4 Communicating with children
Children's views
Child's stage of development
Younger children
Communication in the hearing
What if they just won't talk?
A checklist for child-friendly language
Children's participation at hearings

5 Communicating with adults
Relevant persons
Other panel members
Special circumstances: use of interpreters

6 Questions and discussion
What to say and how to say it

7 Listening
Problems of listening

8 Speech and language: Comprehension and diversity

9 Written communication
Papers for the hearing
Reasons for decisions

10 Summary

11 Further reading


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