Children's hearings training resource manual: volume 2

Volume 2 is a children's hearings handbook, focusing on the problems that some children face, the environment in which they live, their needs and their rights.

16 Further Reading

Pringle MK (1986) 3rd edition The Needs of Children Hutchinson, London
A 'classic'. Easy to read and combines deep concern with profound insight into many of the problems that present themselves in the course of a child's development.

Lindon J (2001) Growing Up: fro m eig h t years to young adul t hood
National Children's Bureau, London
The sequel to Child Development considers the changes facing children from middle childhood to the brink of adulthood. A very useful and practical guide for use by parents and professionals alike

Gehart S (2004) Why Love Matters Routledge, London
A robust exploration of recent research findings into how experiences in early childhood can influence development for the lifetime to follow.

Szalavitz M and Perry B (2004)
Born for love Harper Collins, London
An examination of how and why the brain learns to bond with others

Anon At what age can I ? (2009) Scottish Government website
What children can do at their age from 0-21

Hill M et al Children's Services - Working Together (2012) Pearson, London
An examination of the policy, theory, research and practice relevant to all professionals who work with children.


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