Tackling child poverty: third year progress report 2020-2021

The third annual progress report for 'Every child, every chance: tackling child poverty delivery plan 2018-2022'.


1 Communities Funding Mapping Tool Scottish Government

2 Priority family types include: Lone parent families, the large majority of which are headed by women; Families which include a disabled adult or child; Larger families; Minority ethnic families; Families with a child under one year old; Families where the mother is under 25 years of age.

3 Day 1 status includes individuals with a conviction; Care Experienced Young People; Lone Parents; Refugees; Individuals from BAME groups; Individuals who are resident in 15% most deprived SIMD areas; Individuals who are unemployed with a health condition that is a barrier to work.

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24 Urban sites include Bridgeton and Dalmarnock, Castlemillk and Drumchapel in Glasgow city and Radnor Park, West Dunbartonshire. There are also two sites are in South Lanarkshire, the rural village of Rigside and the small town of Lanark.

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33 The National Partners Group comprises: Scottish Government, Public Health Scotland, COSLA, Improvement Service, Child Poverty Action Group, Poverty Alliance and Scottish Poverty and Inequality Research Unit.

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38 Last year’s progress report took a more in-depth look at child poverty and its drivers among lone parents.

39 Details on the drivers of child poverty can be found in the ‘Child poverty measurement framework’. Child poverty strategy documents - gov.scot (www.gov.scot)

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    50 Proposals under development for balance of investment to £50 million.

    51 Includes funding for all school meals, including resource costs of providing paid meals

    52 An estimate of £400,000 in administration costs has been subtracted from total

    53 An estimate of £400,000 in administration costs has been subtracted from total

    54 Allocated to LAs and some third sector organisations to support services for vulnerable children and families impacted by COVID-19, including support for residential child care providers and additional social work services

    55 Capital spend only

    56 £17.5m Empowering Communities Programme (resource), £38.123 Regeneration Capital Grant Fund (capital), £5m Clyde Gateway (capital), £0.5m Clyde Gateway (resource), £18m Town Centre Fund (capital), £0.079 Business Improvement Districts

    57 From 2020-21 the former transformation element of the Fund was fully harmonised in to the Investing in Communities Fund, part of the Empowering Communities Programme

    58 This is a forecasted figure

    59 £15 million targeted at supporting low income families with children and young care leavers through Phase 2 of Connecting Scotland, however other children will also have been positively impacted by other phases

    60 Social Renewal Advisory Board: our response Scottish Government, March 2021

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