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Best Start Grant: interim evaluation

Published: 15 Dec 2020
Housing and Social Justice Directorate
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Findings from the interim evaluation of Best Start Grant.

15 Dec 2020
Best Start Grant: interim evaluation

This report presents findings from the evaluation of Best Start Grant

The evaluation contained two strands: an analysis of management data and qualitative research with benefit recipients. Two annexes set out of the detail of these two strands.

The BSG was viewed very positively by the recipients interviewed in the evaluation research. The consensus was that the BSG application process was straightforward, the use of the grant led to positive outcomes for child and parent alike, it was not stigmatising to receive the payment and the BSG should be promoted in order that all eligible individuals apply for it. Importantly, the BSG was perceived as easing financial strain on low income families at key transitional stages for their children, and prevented some families from going into debt. As the respondents thought of BSG as an entitlement and not as a donation, it allowed them to spend it appropriately, increasing their confidence as parents and carers. As a result of the very positive reception for the BSG, any proposed modifications were relatively minor.