Housing statistics quarterly update: June 2021

A summary of activity in new build housing and affordable housing in Scotland.

Housing Statistics for Scotland Quarterly Update: New Housebuilding and Affordable Housing Supply (published 15 June 2021)

This statistical publication provides information on the latest trends in:

  • Quarterly private-led and all-sector new housebuilding starts and completions to end June 2020.
  • Quarterly social sector new housebuilding starts and completions to end September 2020.
  • UK House Price Index Official Statistics on new build sales transactions, as a measure of private-led new housebuilding activity in Scotland to end January 2021.
  • Quarterly Affordable Housing Supply Programme approvals, starts and completions, by type, to end March 2021.

The publication also presents annual rates of new housebuilding and affordable housing supply per head of population, including comparisons to other UK countries.

Note that the latest private-led and all-sector new housebuilding figures contain some estimates for a small number of authorities. Further details are provided in Section 2.

Chart 1: Annual all-sector new housebuilding starts and completions both decreased in the year to end June 2020, with activity levels being affected by the introduction of COVID-19 lockdown measures from mid March to late June 2020

Background information including Excel tables and explanatory notes on data sources and quality are available in the Housing Statistics webpages.


Email: housingstatistics@gov.scot

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