Housing statistics

Statistics on new housebuilding, affordable housing supply, rents in the private sector, local authority and social housing, and short term lets licencing.

Quarterly housing update

A summary of activity in new build housing and affordable housing in Scotland.

The Housing Statistics for Scotland Quarterly Update published in September 2023 includes an update on Affordable Housing Supply approvals, starts and completions, all-sector, private sector, and social sector new house building starts and completions to end June 2023, The publication presents annual rates of new housebuilding and affordable housing supply per head of population, including comparisons to other UK countries.

Housing Statistics Annual Key Trends

Statistics on housing stock, new housing supply, local authority stock, and housing management. 

This compendium publication provides a summary of housing statistics up to the financial year 2020-21. It brings together newly collected annual figures from local authorities on council housing stock and housing management, previously published figures on new housebuilding and affordable housing supply, and figures from other sources including the Scottish Housing Regulator.

This release incorporates figures covering the latest two years of annual figures since the previous 2019 key trends publication, with the two publications since then having been delayed due to the impacts of COVID-19 on data provision and staff resourcing.

Private Sector Rent statistics

Information on Private Sector Rents across 18 Broad Rental Market areas in Scotland.

Note that these statistics are largely based on advertised rents and do not represent changes in rents for existing tenants.

Short term lets licensing

Short Term Lets Licencing Statistics Scotland to 31 March 2023 published on 31 August 2023 is the first statistical publication reporting on the operation of the short term lets licensing scheme under the Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982 (Licensing of Short-term Lets) Order 2022. It presents information on data collected from local authorities across first two reporting quarters October to December 2022 and January to March 2023.

The statistics provide information on the number of licence applications received, granted and pending determination, along with information on the type of letting, type of property and other accommodation details. The statistical publication provides an overview of key findings, with the supporting documents Excel file providing a range of further more detailed tables at a Scotland, local authority and data zone level.

Local authority short term lets licensing schemes opened to receive applications from 1 October 2022, although existing hosts and operators have until 1 October 2023 to apply for a licence and can continue operating whilst their applications are being determined. After this date they will not be able to operate until they make an application and a licence has been granted.

Data Specification for the collection of data through the Scottish Government ProcXed system has been developed with input from local authorities through working group meetings.

Social Tenants in Scotland

Overview of social tenants and social rented housing in Scotland including stock, household characteristics, housing Social tenants in Scotland flows, rents and income levels.

Scottish Household Survey - Local Authority Summary Report

A short analysis of key points of interest from the Scottish Household Survey 2018 local authority level tables on housing.

Housing statistics: Data quality, sources and suitability

Information on housing statistics developments across the UK is available on the Government Analysis Function Housing, homelessness and planning statistics webpages.

Housing statistics across the UK

Information on housing statistics developments across the UK is available on the Government Analysis Function Housing, homelessness and planning statistics webpages.

Private rented sector statistics user event June 2019

The Private rented sector statistics user event brought together users of PRS statisics, and took place in Edinburgh on 25 June 2019.

Materials used on the day, including the agenda, speaker photos and biographies, summary notes and presentation slides for each session can be found by clicking on the link below.

Private rented sector statistics: user event 25 June 2019 - gov.scot (www.gov.scot)


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