Housing statistics: Management of local authority housing

The management of local authority housing tables contain information on lettings, evictions, housing lists, and local authority vacant stock.


Lettings of local authority dwellings tables contain:

  • local authority time series tables of vacancies arising and permanent lettings made during each year from 2001-02
  • national summary of lettings by source of tenant and type of dwelling
  • lets and vacancies by local authority area
  • lets to homeless households by local authority area
  • lets by type of tenancy
  • Grounds for granting Short Scottish Secure Tenancies (SSSTs) (collected for the first time in 2012-13)


Types of action: 

  • Notices of Proceedings issued - 2009-10 onwards
  • Cases proceeding to court
  • Cases resulting in an eviction order
  • Cases resulting in an abandoned dwelling
  • Cases resulting in an eviction
  • Post decree tenancy at same dwelling (technical eviction)  - 2009-10 onwards

Housing Lists

Information on changes in local authority housing lists and common housing registers for financial years 2000-01 to current year are collected each year form local authorities via the Housing Statistics Annual Return form. 

This includes a snapshot figure showing the number of applicants on local authority or common housing registers at end March each year.

Vacant Stock

Local authority dwellings can be vacant for a variety of reasons, such as being part of a planned disposal or modernisation/repair programme, or in low demand areas.

Information on local authority owned vacant stock is collected form each local authority through the Housing Statistics Annual Return. 

Figures on vacant dwellings are broken down by reason for vacancy, and length of time the property has been vacant.


Housing lists
Vacant stock
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