Housing and regeneration outcomes framework: indicator updates

Performance indicators for measuring progress on housing and regeneration outcomes.

Progress towards the Purpose and National Outcomes is tracked by a series of National Indicators and reported on via the National Performance Framework.

In a similar way as the National Indicators within the National Performance Framework provide a high-level indication of progress against the National Outcomes, indicators are being used to gauge progress on each of the four key housing and regeneration outcomes. These indicators draw on existing data sources (already in the public domain) to provide a high-level indication of success on each of the four outcomes. While these indicators do not capture the full picture, they provide an indication of direction of travel, thereby potentially highlighting areas for further investigation.

Reported here is the progress on the measurement of the Housing and Regeneration Outcome Indicators:

  • A Well-Functioning Housing System
  • High Quality Sustainable Homes
  • Homes that Meet Peoples Needs
  • People Live in Sustainable Communities.

Files available for download (below)

  • A summary of the 26 indicators that were updated showing previous and current performance.
  • A Word document covering all the indicators which includes an overview of the previous and current performance, along with commentary on longer term trends.
  • An Excel document which includes further detail on the data sources and figures used to measure progress, and includes Excel versions of the charts and tables used in the Word document summary.

View previous updates to the indicators, which also includes further background information on the housing and regeneration outcomes framework as a whole.

Summary of updated indicators: June 2020

HAR outcome indicators master spreadsheet: June 2020

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