Scottish Household Survey

A collection of documents relating to the Scottish Household Survey, which takes place every year.


The Scottish Household Survey (SHS) is an annual, cross-sectional survey that provides robust evidence on the composition, characteristics, attitudes and behaviour of private households and individuals as well as evidence on the physical condition of Scotland’s homes. The SHS asks questions of a random sample of people in private residences in Scotland. Questions are asked by an interviewer in homes all over Scotland. Its large sample size allows analysis of all Scotland's 32 local authorities.

Participation is voluntary, and is important in helping us make representative estimates for Scotland.

The topics covered in the survey include:

  • housing
  • neighbourhoods
  • economic activity
  • finance
  • internet
  • physical activity
  • local services
  • environment
  • volunteering
  • culture
  • childcare

For all SHS publications please visit the SHS publications web page.

More detail on the questions asked in the SHS and the methods used are provided in the questionnaires and methodology sections below.

User engagement

Information and slides from the most recent user days hosted by the Scottish Government. You can view information relating to previous user days in our archive.


The questionnaires and questionnaire reviews for the Scottish Household Survey.


The structure of the survey is a continuous cross-sectional survey. As well as keeping down the annual cost of the survey and making the volume of fieldwork more manageable, a continuous survey will, in time, enable national trends to be detected sooner than would periodical surveys. Below are documents which detail the methodology and fieldwork done.


Please email the Scottish Household Survey at to provide feedback on the SHS or to request further information on any issue, including ad-hoc requests for analysis.


If you do not wish to take part in the survey, please use the freephone number or email Ipsos MORI at to have your household address removed from our lists.

Telephone: 0808 238 5376

More information from Ipsos MORI: The Scottish Household Survey (SHS)


If you wish to be added to the e-mail mailing list to be kept informed of details of SHS developments, you should register your interest in 'Population and Household Surveys' and/or the Scottish Household Survey' sub-topic on the ScotStat Register.

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