Scottish Household Survey: response rates, reissuing and survey quality

This paper assesses the impact of reissuing on survey estimates using data from the Scottish Household Survey, 2014 and 2016.


The authors take full responsibility for the content of this report, but gratefully acknowledges the contribution of a wide range of people who have provided support and guidance throughout.

The authors would like to thank Jamie Robertson and Ben Cook of the Scottish Government for providing the revised weights that are used throughout the analysis; to Salah Merad, Office of National Statistics, and Kevin Pickering, Ipsos MORI, for providing guidance on the statistical approach to employ; and to Emma McCallum of the SHS team at the Scottish Government for their assistance. We would also like to formally acknowledge the Q-Step student placement student from the University of Edinburgh -Siobhan Scullin - who assisted in earlier analysis on this topic.

Linda Hutcheson, Chris Martin, Catriona Millar



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