Nature-based early learning and childcare - influence on children's health, wellbeing and development: literature review

This review of global evidence aimed to understand the extent to which nature-based early learning and childcare (ELC) influences young children’s physical, cognitive, and social and emotional development

List of abbreviations

BMI = Body mass index

CARS = Children's Activity Rating Scale

CPM = Counts per minute

EPHPP = Effective Public Health Practice Project

GRADE = Grading of Recommendations, Assessment, Development and Evaluation

ELC = Early learning and childcare

ERIC = Education Research Information Centre

Mins = Minutes

MVPA = Moderate to vigorous physical activity

OSRAC-P = Observational System for Recording Physical Activity in Children-Preschool

PA = Physical activity

PI(E)COS = Population, Intervention or Exposure, Comparison, Outcome, Study design

Study ID = Study identifier

SWiM = Synthesis without Meta-analysis

UV = Ultraviolet



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