Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) for the Small Landholdings and Land Use Tenancy Proposals Environmental Report

SEA is a systematic process for evaluating the environmental consequences of proposed plans, strategies, or programmes. This Report accompanies the Small Landholding and Land Use Tenancy proposals, within the Land Reform Bill.

7. Next steps

7.1 This Environmental Report is being consulted on alongside the wider consultation on the SEA for the Agricultural Tenancies and Small Landholdings & Land Use Tenancies.

7.2 Following the completion of the consultation period in October, comments will be reviewed and analysed. The final proposals will then be developed prior to Royal Assent. Any changes arising to the proposals will need to be assessed as part of the SEA process.

7.3 Part 3 of the Environmental Assessment (Scotland) Act 2005 requires that a ‘statement’ be made available to accompany the proposals, as soon as possible after their adoption. The purpose of the SEA Adoption Statement is to outline how the SEA process has influenced and informed the proposals’ development process and demonstrate how consultation on the SEA has been taken into account.

7.4 To meet these requirements, an SEA Adoption Statement will be published with the adopted proposals. The SEA Adoption Statement will set out: the reasons for choosing the preferred proposals in light of other reasonable alternatives; how environmental considerations were integrated into the proposals’ development process; how consultation responses were taken into account; and the measures decided for monitoring the significant effects of the proposals.



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