Statistical Bulletin Crime and Justice Series: Fire Statistics Scotland, 2010-11

Statistical information on the incidents attended by Scotland's fire and rescue services for 2010-11.

Table 10d: Rate of Non-Fire and Rescue Service fatal casualties from primary fires where the gender is known by nature of treatment per million population 2010-11 provisional - Scotland
Non Fire and Rescue Service
Non-Fatal Casualties
Nature of treatment Female Male Total
Precautionary check recommended 34.2 48.2 41.0
First aid given at scene 73.9 92.9 83.1
Person went to hospital, injuries appear to be Slight 81.7 117.0 98.8
Person went to hospital, injuries appear to be Serious 15.6 23.3 19.3
Total 205.4 281.4 242.2
Scottish Population 2010-115 2,691,785 2,530,315 5,222,100

1 - tables show main injuries only, priority is given to 'burns' and being 'overcome by gas or smoke'.
However, if both these injuries occur, these are shown together
2 - if 'physical injuries' and 'shock' occur, then physical injuries is recorded
3 - refers to persons who are not members of the fire and rescue service
4 - this category is a subset of 'others' - where FRS stated smoke inhalation occurred but not severe enough to be classified as person was overcome
5 - NRS: Mid-Year Estimate

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